Frutas Y Olivas, 2019

Digital paper Rice 100 with Chine-colle on Hamhemhulhe paper.
Museum-grade hinge mounting on 4-ply cotton board.
Maple wood box, coroplast, and lime wood sub-frame.
68 inches X 132 inches
10 000 USD (FOB)

This visually captivating installation incorporates a decorative style with bold elegance and passion. It pays homage to great Catalan artists like Gonzales and Tapies, highlighting their ornamentation and historicity. The reference to the male sex is not meant to shock or respond to social or cultural acts, but rather questions it with a kitsch, Pop Art approach.

The idea for the online gallery project is to install 10 digital print photos that transcend time and space, using a chine colle-style editing that isolates each image into objects that together offer a new value. The process of visual communication through linear reading enhances the aesthetics and offers a unique interpretation. This envelops the viewer and captures their instantaneous impression of the subject being presented.

The play with words related to vegetation, invites reflection on culinary sensuality. The transformation of iconic images into objects of pleasure encourages the viewer to experience the present moment in a modern, Dadaist way, without imposing any specific interpretations, but instead an exploration of their own emotions and sensuality.